Enora Thepaut / designer and art director in London


Alcatel-Lucent in action

After a few tough years, Alcatel-Lucent have managed to reshape their company in order to become once again one of the key innovators IP networks, ultra-broadband and cloud technologies. In order to tell that story we created Alcatel-Lucent in action, a review of the transformation in the form of a patchwork of bite size, shareable content.



Project team

  • Matthew Shannon — Creative Director
  • Jamie Long — Design Director
  • Enora Thépaut — Designer
  • Pete Robelou — Developer
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The story is told in 4 main chapters under which a variety of short content gives a comprehensive understanding of the topic. The aim is to give the reader a feel of the pace at which the shift plan is rolled out and a sense of the new agility of Alcatel-Lucent. We created a frame that would be able to hold the diverse content, with pages such as articles, infographic pages, interviews, video pages, quotes, etc. The reader has the ability to read each chapter in a linear way, from page to page as if they were reading a printed magazine but also to dip in and dip out of each story without following the chapter structure.

The project was to send teams comprised of journalists, photographers, illustrators, etc to different offices and research centers to document the work that was being done, to meet the experts and to see how the teams collaborate. In the end, due to budget restrictions we did not send teams to various locations, but our team worked with the client to create the content for the site.

in Alcatel-Lucent workshops
a brainstorm at Alcatel-Lucent
a piece of equipment
Illustrated key facts about Alcatel-Lucent
portrait of Naveed Kashif
portrait of Sophie Rey
portrait of Xiaofeng Zhai