Enora Thepaut / designer and art director in London


What moves you

A few months before moving three of their very distinct businesses to the same campus, BMW Group asked us to help them bring everyone together by creating an employee brand. We created the brand, its manifestation in the new space and a program of event to shift the business’ culture towards more collaborative and agile ways of working.



Project team

  • Matthew Shannon — Creative Director
  • Enora Thépaut — Designer, Art Director
  • Brad Sussex — Designer, Art Director
The team brainstorming in the bmw room
The creative insight
An overview of the brand
chalks and paint pot
chalks and paint pot
cling sticker on a window
a black wall in the corridor
employee writing on the board

“I had the best time this afternoon!! Loved being a painter and decorator! People were cracking up and asking questions and it sent the whole office into a frenzy.
People are saying that they cannot wait to see what's next.” Jodie, What Moves You ambassador

Pulling faces in the photobooth
scary portrait
smiley portrait
thinking portrait

“I Just wanted to say a huge well done to everyone! Loved the pics this afternoon, made my week!” Lee, Change Manager at BMW Group

scalextrics piece
building the track
Racing time
very small BMW
the race is on
no winners announced yet

“Oh My Goodness—I knew you could do it!!! Creative genius! Love! Love! Love! The new last intervention!” Sarah, BMW Group client lead