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Whilst working with the Doctor Care Anywhere team to strengthen their brand, it became obvious to me that at the core of it were the people: the doctors who created the company and the doctors who worked on the platform and their patients who's lives they deeply impacted. It really struck me how much care the doctors had for their patients and how they felt a responsibility towards them, and how grateful and enthusiastic the patients were about the service.

These stories became the base on which we wrote the brand vision. We created short films with some of the users to show some of the instances in which Doctor Care Anywhere had made a real difference to their lives by giving them a diagnosis but also peace of mind and reassurance.


Doctor Care Anywhere

Project team

  • Stuart Wakeford — Creative Director
  • Enora Thépaut — Art Director
  • Ceri Tallett — Copywriter
  • Agile Film — Film and production
storyboard sketches
storyboard sketches
storyboard sketches
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